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Why the Battery is the Most Important Part of Marine Safety

Boating safety is serious business; after all, there are regular public service campaigns about it every year. Do you realize how important batteries are when talking about maritime safety? It’s definitely an added layer of risk to be out on the water when the battery goes dead. Reliable marine batteries in Lincoln Park are as important as life jackets and emergency beacons.

Reduce Risk

As any experienced boater can tell you, when things go wrong away from shore, they can go severely wrong quickly. At least give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing the battery isn’t going to be the problem and you’ll have a fighting chance to get back to shore should something go wrong. This is especially important where an emergency means first responders may not get to you quickly enough.

Make Good Choices

Choose the right marine batteries in Lincoln Park. Make sure it has enough power to reliably run the boat. Test and maintain it adequately as part of your routine boat maintenance activities. Spring for the best battery you can afford and have it installed if you can’t do it yourself to ensure the connections are correct and secure. Refer to the owner’s manual for tips and advice on how to care for the battery.

Don’t Take Anyone Else’s Word for It

When buying a second-hand boat, get the battery checked and tested by a mechanic specializing in marine batteries in Lincoln Park. Don’t take the seller’s word for it. In addition, keep all the paperwork from a battery purchase. Follow up on any requirements for warranty coverage. Expect you’ll need to prove your purchase at any time in order to act on warranty offers. At a minimum, visually inspect the battery after every trip so problems can be resolved before you head out again.

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