Why The Shephard Is The New Trendiest Spot To Live

The West Side of NYC has strong roots, and it was important to everyone that The Shephard keep the original façade of the building to seamlessly blend it with the rest of the environment. When looking at it, you see an honest, solid quality and it feels as though it has always been part of the beautiful neighborhood. The design was meant to be elegant, and it fulfills its quest. The finishes of the building are reflected throughout from an oil-rubbed lobby desk to brass hardware and customized doors.


While many condo buildings offer one penthouse, you’ll find three beautiful options at The Shephard. All three have outdoor spaces with fireplaces and beautiful views of the West Village neighborhood. While the designs are logical and practical, they are also unique to the space, creating a fun place to live and relax.

Other Residences

If you don’t have the money or don’t want such extensive space, you’ll find a variety of other residences that may suit your purposes here. Spacious living areas have vaulted ceilings and solid-oak flooring. You’ll also find double-glazed windows with UV protective glass, ensuring that your beautiful furniture doesn’t get faded and energy bills are lower than you may expect.


At The Shephard, nothing was forgotten. They have a library full of beautiful books, comfortable chairs, and a private garden right off the library. If you’ve had a rough day, the spa is where you should head. It has separate steam rooms, as well as a plunge-like shower. You’ll also find a game room with a variety of options and a fitness center with bouldering walls for climbing.

Around Town

For those days when you just want to get out of the house, you’ll find markets, cafes, and a variety of specialty shops nearby.

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