Why Wait, One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening in New York Is Available

A great smile is a wonderful asset. It is one of the first things people notice about you. Having clean, white teeth is the key to a healthy and attractive smile.

Fortunately, there are a number of options available for whitening your teeth. Take-home kits are available over the counter as well as whitening strips and trays. The most effective, bar none, is one hour laser teeth whitening in New York. This is a procedure carried out in the office of your cosmetic dentist.

There is no doubt that in-office laser teeth whitening is the most effective method. The procedure is quite straightforward. The dentist applies a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of your teeth. The teeth are then exposed to laser light. The laser activates the hydrogen peroxide, speeding up the process of removing stains.

Laser teeth whitening is a popular option for some reasons, including:


Laser whitening can be done in one session. In the first session alone, patients will see a dramatic improvement, as much as seven or eight shades lighter. On the other hand, at home whitening products must be applied daily for several hours for as long as a month to achieve the same results.


Whitening toothpaste and other OTC solutions only work on surface stains. Laser whitening penetrates deep below the enamel, eliminating stains in the tooth dentin.

Lasts Longer

The length of time the whitening procedure lasts has a lot to do with your oral hygiene procedures. Brushing your teeth twice a day, using an effective mouthwash and flossing reduces the buildup of plaque. Good oral hygiene, coupled with one hour laser teeth whitening, is the ideal solution, one that can ensure you have a beautiful smile, longer.

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