Why You May Need a Disability Lawyer

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Law Services

Filing a claim with the Social Security Administration can be a long and frustrating experience. The federal government is very deliberate when making a disability ruling for Social Security Disability Income because long-term injury claims are permanent. States administer the approval of Supplemental Security Income, but the program is funded by the SSA as well. Recipients of SSI are typically reevaluated annually, as benefits are extended one year at a time. Both programs have strict requirements regarding evidence necessary to approve a claim, even when the injury or illness is already on the list of approved conditions. And, for those who have a medical condition that will require additional medical evaluation, it is always necessary to have an experienced Aurora disability lawyer representing the case.

How Claims are Approved

Most disability claimants do not understand how the SSA makes a decision on a disability ruling. Injuries and illnesses already approved are listed by the administration and benefits can be paid after the filing periods have ended based on supporting medical evidence. Claimants who are denied will then take the case through the appeals process, which can also extend the delay before approval. The SSA will also request a third-party evaluation in most cases. It is imperative to comply with any request for a medical evaluation from the disability board because failure to make the appointment can be a reason for a claim denial. Having an experienced Aurora disability lawyer means that all details can be completed in a timely fashion and medical documentation can be obtained that will be used in comparing the claimed medical problems to another pre-approved disabling condition.

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