Why You Need an Attorney in a Child Support Matter

Whether you are the payee or the payor in a child support matter it can be overwhelming. Every state has enacted their own rules and regulations over how you need to file, which you need to pay or will receive, and how and when support needs to be paid. Yes, local child support office is there to help you, but they are overwhelmed with the number of cases they need to deal with. That is why having the help of a child support attorney in Dallas, TX, can be very helpful.

Peace of Mind
A family law attorney, who is also referred to as a child support attorney, is there to protect your interests which can give you peace of mind. He or she will take on the responsibility to file all the paperwork properly and in a timely manner, will be there to answer all your questions and concerns, and will strategize any additional actions they need to be taken to gain a favorable outcome on your case. Having all your work filled out properly and filed correctly is extremely important since if that is not done, it only serves to drag your case out longer.

Provides for the Best Interests of the Children
Your attorney will see to it child support payments are enough to provide for all your children’s basic needs. As a single-parent, providing just the essentials such as shelter, food, clothing, and school expenses cannot be met unless a noncustodial parent is paying their share of the children’s support. Your child support attorney in Dallas, TX, can also provide that the child support payments coming regularly and on time. If that does not happen, he or she can petition the court to authorize sanctions against the noncustodial parent. If you are involved in child support matter, contact the Law Offices of Thomas P. Jackson.

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