Why you Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal case can have devastating consequences to your career and personal life and might send you to jail. Offenses can entail punishments that may result in the loss of employment and the payment of heavy fines and penalties. Drunk driving is one of the common offenses that people are booked on in the state of New York. DWAI (driving while ability impaired) is the only non-criminal charge that is imposed for drunk driving. A DWAI is considered a violation and results in license suspension, fines and other penalties but does not reflect on the criminal record of the defendant. Your criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and represent your case if you are charged with a criminal case and may be facing penalties and possible jail sentencing.

If your blood alcohol content exceeds 0.08, you may be charged with DWI, a criminal charge. First offenders in the state are given up to a year in jail sentencing, but with the aid of your criminal defense attorney, you can expect less or possibly no jail time at all. The DWI is a misdemeanor charge and can result in the suspension of your driver’s license for at least 6 months. If you stand to lose your employment or need your vehicle to take your child to and from school or need your vehicle for your own medical appointments etc. you can apply for participation in a DDP (admission to a drunk driving program) that can provide you with a conditional license.

Whatever may be your criminal charge, misdemeanor or felony you deserve a fair hearing and trial. Under the law, you are presumed innocent until found guilty. An efficient criminal defense lawyer will work with you to present your case to counter the claims and evidence that the prosecuting attorneys may present to convict you. For your case to be a winning one, your criminal defense attorney must be a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. It is the duty of the criminal defense attorney to communicate with clients and be aware of all matters relating to the case so that he or she is fully prepared to build up a rock solid defense on your behalf.

You need a lawyer who has successfully represented and acquitted clients and can assure you and your family of personalized service and highest level of skill as a criminal defense attorney. St Johns County residents can find the most experienced professionals in the area with high rates of favorable outcomes.

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