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Why You Need the Right Equipment for Off Roading

If you are an avid off roader you probably enjoy getting muddy and finding new challenges for you and your vehicle. However, some of the more challenging off road adventures can wreak havoc on your vehicle. It’s important to have the right kind of equipment (like RBP rims) to get you in and out of the most difficult places. In fact, it can make the difference between having a great time and being stranded. Here are some important things to remember when you go off the road.

Clearing the Ground

Do you plan to go over uneven terrain? Most off roaders do. If so, you need to make sure your vehicle has maximum ground clearance. If you don’t want to change your suspension you can go to bigger tires. For example, this could be the perfect time to buy heavy duty RBP rims with new larger diameter tires. This can give you several more inches of clearance and can make the difference between getting high centered and having no problems.

Security and Protection

Before you take an extensive trip off the road, you should get underneath your vehicle and check for anything loose. Check out things like gas tank straps and wiring. This is a good time to inspect the undercarriage and look for things like leaking shock absorbers

Don’t forget to do a check under the hood. Make sure belts are tight and in good condition. Feel hoses and if they feel hard, you may be better off replacing them now. Make sure your battery is securely mounted and check the air filter. Air filters can get dirty very quickly in dusty environments.

Do you have any protection for your oil pan or gas tank? Al it takes is one puncture to cause major difficulties. For example, a punctured oil pan can lead to a ruined motor and if the gas tank springs a leak a dangerous fire could result. To protect these important components, invest in skid plates. It’s also a good idea to have a protective plate underneath your transfer case.

The Right Tires and Wheels

Off roading is a very demanding sport and you need the best wheels and tires you can afford. Consider aftermarket performance products like RBP rims. This will give you some of the finest off road wheels on the market, and a custom look which any off roader can be proud of. RBP sells wheels made especially for lifted trucks with special needs.

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