Why Your San Diego, CA Business Needs to Invest in Explainer Videos

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Directory Search

Explainer videos are usually short clips, which can use real actors or animation, and as the name suggests, these videos explain a product, service, or business. Simply put, gone are the days when a simple webpage is enough to promote a business. The world has become multimedia-focused, and the business world is no different. To help you understand why you need to hire an explainer video company, we’ve put together this guide about the benefits of explainer videos.

Gets You Attention

First, explainer videos work wonders in grabbing the attention of potential costumers. These days, people are more likely to watch a short clip that introduces your product or services compared to simply reading a block of text about it. That means you can reach a wider audience with these types of videos.


By using an explainer video company, you can work together to create a video that helps you with your business branding. You will be able to choose a tone and format that works best with your brand. For example, a beer company could create a fun animated video that introduces the different types of beer they sell, while a law firm could benefit from a more serious video with actors that explain the law firm’s services.

Search Results

Websites that contain videos typically rank higher on Google search results compared to websites without videos, which means having explainer videos on your site can help your ranking. To learn more about how an explainer video can benefit your business, contact business name now!

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