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Wig Care and Maintenance

Wigs are popular for a number of different purposes. They may be worn for short time frames, or all day, every day, depending on the purpose it serves you. Of course, with more wear, there is going to be more care and maintenance required. Wigs are an investment, so treat them as such. Proper washing, drying, and styling techniques will keep your wig looking great.


The more you wear your wig, the more it will need to be washed. Washing is needed to remove buildup of hair products, and to remove environmental particles, like sweat or dust. An easy way to apply shampoo to a wig is to mix it in a spray bottle with some lukewarm water. You can just spray it on, then comb it through. Rinse it out well, then apply conditioner in the same fashion. One more rinse and then you can move on to drying.


To dry your wig, pat it down with a towel to remove most of the water. It is important that you do not rub; rubbing causes damage, and reduces the life of the wig. With full lace wigs, the hairs are all individually tied to a lace base, so be gentle when you towel dry. The best method to finish drying is to let it air dry. Hair dryers cause damage, which reduces the lifespan of your wig.


You can style your wig similar to your own hair. Remember that your wig does not have the natural oils to protect it from heat though. A heat protecting product is recommended if you do choose to style using heat. It is strongly suggested that you use other methods to style your wig. A common method for no heat curls uses large curlers left in overnight, after washing and towel drying the wig. This is a great way to maintain your look, and your wig.

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