With Full Service Residential Movers, Jackson MS Residents Can Relax

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Moving

When it comes to residential movers, Jackson, MS residents have plenty of choices. One of those choices is exactly how much support they will need from the moving company. In many cases, the additional services a full service moving company can offer before, during and after the move can be extremely beneficial. In fact, if a person wanted to, they could hire a moving company to do almost all of the difficult or tedious tasks involved with a move for them, allowing them to relax.

Pre- Move Services

The first steps in any move involve finding a new place and selling the old place. Both of these steps generally involve a realtor, and but a full-service moving company can provide these realty services, as well. In addition, full service residential movers can help to declutter and stage an existing home, making it much easier to sell. Planning the actual move can also be done by a moving company’s move coordinator.

Another pre-move step is packing. Residential movers that offer a full range of services can do that packing, even supplying the right type of packing material and containers for each item being packed. For those who are moving further away from Jackson, it might make sense to ship certain items. Again, a full service moving company can properly pack these items, put them in the proper shipping containers and send them via the most appropriate carrier.

Moving Services

It might seem that actually moving is pretty simple, but having a full service moving company is beneficial for this, too. In addition to the basic service of loading items on a truck and hauling them to the new location, they can provide insurance and tracking. They can also provide a move coordinator, a single point of contact to answer questions and see to it that the move goes smoothly.

After-move Services

Once the belongings arrive at the new home, there are further opportunities for a full service moving company to help. They can offer unpacking services to help get things where they belong in a new place. Residential movers may also offer to set up computer and Wi-Fi systems.

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