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Your First Meeting With A Lake Forest Family Law Attorney

Your First Meeting With A Lake Forest Family Law Attorney

When most people hear the term family law attorney, they automatically think of divorce. While divorce may be a large percentage of what most family law practices provide services for, they are also used in legal issues such as adoptions, grandparents’ rights, child support and custody, paternity and domestic violence cases.

In divorce, a family law attorney can be very critical in discovering hidden assets, completing business valuations for property division, determining income and benefits and in working with their clients to ensure all financial issues related to the divorce are included in the divorce.

For couples prior to marriage a family law attorney can also be essential in drawing up prenuptial agreements, as well as developing postnuptial agreements that are also possible in the state.

Your First Appointment

When you first arrange a meeting with your family law attorney in Lake Forest you may not be sure just what to expect. Remember, at the first meeting you are really evaluating the attorney to see if he or she is a professional you trust, can communicate with, and are confident in their ability to represent your best interests in settlement options or litigation.

The first meeting is also an evaluative meeting for the family law attorney as well. The professional will discuss any possible conflicts of interest, making sure they can represent you without any ethical concerns. In addition, the attorney will want to have a brief overview of your case, the possible challenges you face, and a general idea of the complexity of the case.

What to Bring

It is a good idea to bring as much documentation as you can with you, and some attorneys may actually provide you with a checklist of what is helpful. At the very least be sure to bring information about your banking, credit cards, debt and financial information as well as copies of all real estate documents.

While not always needed at the first visit, it is helpful to provide a list of the larger items that are in the home, typically these will be items with a high dollar value. This could include expensive jewelry items, entertainment systems, vehicles, boats, ATVs, or other types of large purchases.

Also, your family law attorney should have copies of all your life insurance policies, insurance coverage for property, children’s healthcare, and any written agreements you may have about the property, child custody, or any prior court orders.

When in doubt it is better to bring the information to your Lake Forest appointment than leave it behind. You may want to make copies to leave with your family law attorney, or he or she will make copies as needed.

Michael C. Craven has been providing legal representation as a family law attorney in the Lake Forest and Chicagoland as an Illinois Super Lawyer since 2009. To learn more visit the website at

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