Your Lakeview Dentist Tips for Denture Care

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Dentist

If some or all of your permanent teeth have fallen out, then you are probably considering replacing them with dentures in Lakeview. While that is a great thing and will help you in many ways, you need to know the rules of denture care before you walk out of the dentist’s office and are on your own with your new dentures intact.

Take Them Out

Even dentures need a break every now and then. Take them out before bed and soak them in a solution meant for dentures. In this way, your gums get a break and the dentures do as well. The soaking will help remove stains, plaque and other bacteria that has built up on the dentures during the day.

Look After Your Entire Mouth

Even if your dentures are completely replacing all of the teeth in your mouth, you still need to take care of your entire mouth as well. This means that you should take out your denture, rinse out your mouth, and then massage your gums with either a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush.

Have Regular Checkups

Having dentures doesn’t mean that you don’t need to ever see your dentist again. You still need to see him on a regular basis, so he can look for problems with your gums or mouth and make sure that your dentures are still fitting the way they should.

These are just three of the top rules you should follow for denture care after you leave the dentist’s office. Remember, you still need to take care of things just like you would with your permanent teeth. For more information on dentures in Lakeview, contact the professionals at Family Dental Care for an appointment and answers to any of your questions. Follow us on twitter.

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