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1st Products

1st Products

1st Products is a Business to Business turfing service and maintenance company, as well as a company that provides agricultural equipment for sale. The company is a leader in the industry and has been thriving since 1980. They sell top-notch landscaping and agricultural equipment with excellent services for its customers. It is no secret how the company continues to thrive after almost 30 years.

1st Products has a variety of agricultural equipment for sale to satisfy all of its customer needs, including cotton module movers and fertilizer applicators. Here are a couple of product descriptions:

CM 7000-HL

This high lifting cotton module mover is sturdy and foolproof. At 3,000 lbs., the machine is durable and does all the work. It can lift up to 7,000 lbs. of cotton, with a five-foot lift height.

Orchard Fertilizer Applicator

The orchard fertilizer distributor applies granular material to peach and blueberry orchards. It can be used for vineyards as well.

This distributor is adjustable, with the ability to work with rows up to 12 feet.

The stainless steel hopper accommodates a capacity of 250 lbs. When the extension is added, the hopper capacity increases to 500 lbs., double the standard amount. It also comes with a stainless steel lid, to keep materials dry.

The distributor comes with an orchard bar, an orchard frame bundle, and two 250 pound stainless hoppers.

1st Products is located in Tifton, Georgia. Contact information for the company is below:


800-363-8780 (toll-free)

229-382-0506 (fax)

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