Agriculture in California? Yes, You Can Market Products Here!

A lot of people do not think there are any thriving agricultural areas in California. They generally picture beaches, ski slopes, resorts, sports, and wine country. Wine country is often considered the closest thing to agriculture that California has, but in actuality there is a thriving dairy and beef industry in this state. If your agricultural products company wants to market to the state of California you absolutely can set up agricultural equipment for sale in California. Here’s how the marketing works.

Find Your Targeted Areas

Wine country is not the only section of California that needs ag equipment. There are pockets of farm country all over the state. Find your targeted areas, discover what they raise, grow, etc., and then you can figure out how to pitch your equipment sales to these areas.

Try Ag Resources Magazines

Yes, farmers read more than supply catalogs! They read agricultural magazines to find out new techniques and approaches on farming. When they read these magazines, the magazines are filled with advertisements for equipment,

your company’s equipment California farmers, growers, and vineyards and put your equipment ads in those magazines. Regular subscribers will see those ads every month.

One Surefire Magazine to Try

When you are ready to place your company’s ads for agricultural equipment for sale in California’s most popular “ag mags,” you will find all the info you need to know through Ag Source Magazine

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