3 of the Most Common DUI Defense Approaches in Junction City, KS.

In all 50 states it’s illegal to drive motor vehicles if you’ve been drinking. Getting caught doing so nearly always results in being charged with driving under the influence. This charge can result in several negative outcomes including losing your privilege to legally drive. Here are a few ways that DUI charges are challenged in courts of law by DUI defense attorneys in Junction City, KS.

Traffic Stops Must Be Proper

Essentially all DUI charges result from an intoxicated or allegedly intoxicated person being pulled over, given sobriety field tests, and failing breathalyzer or blood tests to determine the presence of alcohol or drugs. The traffic stops from which DUI charges originate must be legal and since there are several qualifiers that determine the legitimacy of traffic stops, this is often questioned by attorneys.

Were Field Sobriety Tests Administered Properly?

There are only three standardized field sobriety tests. All others are nonstandard and thus, unreliable. With so much leeway available to attorneys in proving that field sobriety tests weren’t administered correctly, it’s common for DUI attorneys to attack this part of the prosecution’s case.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Increases Over Time

Assume you are pulled over after drinking alcohol. In the hour it takes from the time you got pulled over to actually be administered a breathalyzer test, your blood alcohol concentration could have increased. This means you might have been driving under the legal BAC limit. This is another highly common defense tactic employed by DUI attorneys across the United States.

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