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Planning A Heavy Duty Truck Purchase In Texas

Planning A Heavy Duty Truck Purchase In Texas

Independent truckers, as well as freight companies or businesses in Texas, may all have the need to purchase a heavy duty truck. There are several options to consider before making a purchase, and it is critical to research and learn all that is possible about different manufacturers, brands, truck options, as well as the actual dealership.

New Trucks and Used Trucks

There are advantages and possible considerations when choosing a new or used heavy duty truck. The most obvious is the price factor, with a used truck offering a considerable price reduction over a new truck.

At the same time, the used trucks do not typically have a warranty, or they have only a limited amount of time on the warranty, and they may not have the latest in technology and driver safety features. Newer models of trucks that have lower mileage and new technology are a good choice for many buyers.

To bridge the gap, look for used heavy duty truck models that are inspected, repaired, and tested by a reputable truck dealership specializing in heavy duty trucks. When these dealerships also offer new trucks, it is easy to make a side-by-side comparison and determine the best option for your budget and trucking needs.

Dealership Reputation

When truck shopping in Texas, particularly for big rigs, always take the time to research the dealership reputation. This is important for both new and used truck purchases, ensuring the dealership has a solid reputation for customer service before, during, and after the purchase.

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