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3 Questions Your Dog Bite Lawyer in Brooklyn NY Will Need to Ask You

If you have ever gotten attacked or bitten by a dog, you might have been assisted by a dog bite lawyer. If not, you might not know what to expect when speaking with one. Dog bite lawyers are very common in places where dogs tend to be aggressive and they really help to achieve justice for those who fall victim to such events. If unsure of the process, here are some questions a dog bite lawyer may ask if you are ever in that situation.

Type of Dog

Straight away, one of the first questions a dog bite lawyer will ask is what type of dog it was. This is imperative, both for statistical information and for health information. Certain dog breeds have health concerns and knowing this might help with the health of the victim. Furthermore, knowing what type of dog can help if the dog has ran away. Letting loose a violent dog with possible diseases is a danger to all of society, not only the victim of that bite.

Seek Medical Help

Another question a dog bite lawyer in Brooklyn NY area will ask is if you needed medical attention after the bite. This is extremely important because if your life was ever at risk, they need to know and make sure it is legally stated. This type of knowledge can lead to investigation of the dog’s owner, in case they have other animals with disease or who are bred to be violent.

Victim or Perpetrator

One of the most important things in any investigation is knowing the entire story. A Dog Bite Lawyer in Brooklyn NY needs to make sure that if you were bit by a dog, it was the dogs fault. If you provoked the dog in any way, that gives the dog reason to bite you because it was defending itself. If you want to rightfully press any type of charges, the lawyer needs to know that you were not provoking the animal in any way.

There are several important questions that a dog bite lawyer can potentially ask you in their investigation of your bite. Making sure the dog is identified and that the story is fully understood is necessary information for a dog bite lawyer. For more information about what a dog bite lawyer could ask, search online or contact local dog lawyer offices.

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