3 Reasons to Seek Mental Health Treatment

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Mental Health

While many people work to achieve greater physical health, they fail to consider the potential for hidden mental health issues. Although a person may seem perfectly fine on the outside, issues can surface after years. Below, you’ll learn why you should seek mental health treatment St Paul.

Mental Illness is More Common Than You Think

You may think that mental disorders are rather obvious, but many people have such issues that go undiagnosed. It’s been estimated that 20% of Americans suffer from mental illness, but few seek the help they need. Symptoms are easily hidden, which makes it easy to go years without seeking treatment.

Effects on Physical Health

It’s been established that there’s a strong connection between body and mind. Many physical conditions have an effect on your ability to focus, and the opposite is true as well: a mental condition can affect your sleep cycle, appetite, sex drive, and mood. If you feel such problems arising, consult a certified practitioner to rule out a mental health issue.

Relationship Effects

Many who face mental illness find themselves intimidated in social situations, and even visiting family and friends may seem like a chore. Apart from falling out of touch with loved ones, mental illness may cause your family to struggle financially as they help you deal with your condition. To avoid affecting your family’s lives unduly, seek help today.

Get Help Now

It’s important not to be ashamed of your mental issues and personal struggles. It’s all part of human nature, and the fact that there’s so much help available shows how common mental illness is. Society as a whole should pay more attention to these issues, and we’re here to help. Visit OptionsFamily.com to learn more or call Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. to schedule an evaluation for mental health treatment St Paul.

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