Pain in the Jaw Indicates the Impaction of Third Molars

When you are a teenager or a young adult, having pain in the jaw can indicate that you have an impacted wisdom tooth. It is possible to have as many as four wisdom teeth located in the upper or lower part of the mouth, and most individuals don’t have enough space for these teeth. However, having wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale, Il., is a fast process that requires a surgical procedure. It is better to have the surgery as soon as possible to stop the pain along with avoiding damage to the other teeth in your mouth.

This Surgery Requires the Administration of Anesthesia

You will probably have third molar removal early in the morning, but make sure that someone can drive you to our dentist’s office, and the same person will need to drive you home. Wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale requires anesthesia that will make you feel tired along with changing your muscle control. Our dentist will use your X-rays to locate the third molars quickly. If a third molar has begun to erupt from the gums, then it is quick to remove, but when it is still deep in the gum tissue, our dentist will make a tiny incision to reach it.

Follow the Proper Dietary Restrictions to Prevent Complications

It is essential to remain at home after wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale so that you can rest. In addition to taking painkillers, you should apply ice packs to your face. There are dietary restrictions after the surgery, including only eating soft foods. You should remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water, but you should not use a straw. For additional information about having your third molars removed, contact Pure Dental Spa.

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