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3 Tips for Taking Your Puppy to the Dog Park in Mt. Vernon

3 Tips for Taking Your Puppy to the Dog Park in Mt. Vernon

It’s important for puppies to be introduced to other people and other dogs at an early age. This helps with socialization skills, making them well-rounded dogs. One of the most convenient options to get your puppy out of the house and in front of others is the Dog Park in Mt. Vernon. Here he or she will be exposed to other pets as well as other people. Remember that, for the safety of the puppy, all shots need to be taken care of in advance. This means that the earliest a puppy could make his or her debut at the park would be around sixteen weeks.

Start Out Small

If a puppy’s first experience with the Dog Park in Mt. Vernon is during the busiest time of day, it is easy for him or her to become overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on, and it can be tough to take in all at one time. Instead, consider going to the park when they aren’t a lot of people and pets there. This allows the pet to walk around, for the most part unhindered, and take in the experience. A puppy will want to sniff all over the place to feel more comfortable in the space. Don’t stay for a long time. Give the puppy about twenty minutes at the Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc and then head home.

Take Off the Leash

It can be scary for pet owners to put their puppies in a new situation without a leash on. But the puppy, as well as the other pets in the park, all feel more comfortable if they aren’t held back by the leash. It allows them to intermingle and communicate freely. If the dog park has a fence and there is no way for the puppy to get out, go ahead and take off the leash. It might be a little nerve racking at first, but it does help the puppy to get the most out of the experience.

Get in the Habit of Cleaning Up

Pets need to be cleaned up after when they head into the public. So taking a puppy out to the dog park helps pet owners build up a routine when it comes to disposing of waste. While many dog parks will have the necessary items for clean up, be sure to bring along some extras just in case.

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