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Pricing Of Bed Bug Treatment: How Much Does It Cost

Pricing Of Bed Bug Treatment: How Much Does It Cost

Who doesn’t hate bed bugs? That’s an entirely rhetorical question, of course – bed bugs bite, cause skin rashes, and may even spread diseases. Worst of all? They’re so tiny and hard to see that you won’t even know you’ve got a problem until it’s too late.

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs – alongside their other pesky friends, the mite, mosquito and the tick – are hemovores, as per WebMD. That means they feed on your blood for an assortment of fats and proteins, and as a result, whatever they happen to be carrying on their mandibles sometimes makes it into your bloodstream, together with a little cocktail of enzymes that causes itchiness or redness.

While that may seem harmless, over time the risk for disease grows – and with it does the need for a professional bed bug treatment, from pros like Viking Pest.

However, as with anything, the first factor to take into consideration will always be cost.

How Much Does It Cost in New York?
It’s hard to give you an exact number, because the pricing varies from service provider to service provider – some services may ask as much as $5000 for an entire home extermination service, while others will give you a price much lower, under $500. The question at the end of the day is – how much are you prepared to pay?

Set up a budget before doing anything else, and then find the bed bug treatment providers in your neighborhood with the best reputations and most suitable pricing. Try and negotiate a little – some professionals offer discounts for first-time customers, that can help you cut your costs down.

Initial evaluation costs also vary, although many services do it for free. See if you can get a free on-site evaluation.

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