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4 Key Ingredients in Healthy Study Snacks

There are a lot of different snacks to grab when you are planning a long afternoon or a long night of studying. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong snacks can actually drain your energy and result in a lack of mental focus as your body goes through blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Some of the worst types of things to grab as energizing study snacks are chips, chocolate bars, candies, and energy drinks. These foods may initially satisfy your hunger and give you a feeling of having energy, but this will soon be followed by exhausting and difficulty focusing.

Energy drinks, chocolate, large amounts of coffee or soda all contain different levels of caffeine. While caffeine does provide a boost of energy, too much caffeine leaves people jittery, anxious and unable to focus.

A Healthy Option

When looking for healthy study snacks, there are some key ingredients to consider. First, there are the ingredients to look for on the packaging. These ingredients include natural types of foods, not chemicals or additives.

Ideally, choosing healthy study snacks that use dates as a sweetener is a great idea. This natural fruit sugar gives the taste of sweetness without artificial ingredients.
Additionally, this is less rapidly absorbed by the body, limiting the blood sugar spike after consumption.

Oats, which should be gluten-free, as well as organic dates, provide fiber for the body, slowing down the digestion and providing a longer release of energy. At the same time, nut butters provide protein, giving the body the fuel, it needs.

The addition of coffee to healthy study snacks makes it an easy to consume energy bar without the need to carry around a thermos. With the caffeine provided in the bar about that found in a standard cup of brewed coffee, this is a flavor-filled way to satisfy your hunger and your energy needs during study sessions.

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