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5 Post Construction Cleanup Tips

Hired a contractor to renovate or remodel a part of your home? Now that the project is complete, you’re raring to put back the furniture, fix the space right up and bask in the satisfaction a nicely remodeled kitchen or living area after all the noise, mess, and chaos is gone. But first things first. You need to get that area cleaned up before you do anything. Here are a few tips from ApartmentTherapy to help you out:

1. Start with the walls. It doesn’t matter if you just had your walls painted. Dust the dirt off those new walls using a dry cloth. Make sure the new paint is dry before you start. Otherwise, you could ruin a new coat. Of course, you could easily paint over the spot if that happens, though, so no worries. Don’t forget to clean the molding as well.

2. Mop the floors.  Wipe and sweep. Got tile or marble flooring? Wash off the grime and black spots with the right cleaner. Make sure to consult which cleaners work best for your floors. Some detergents might be too strong for marble floors though they might work great on linoleum ones. For wood flooring, all you need to do is apply a non-aerosol spray before you wipe it off. Want miles of gleaming floor? Use wood polish to make the wood shine.

3. Clean the light fixtures. Take them down first, carefully clean each one and then re-install it. If your light fixtures are too old though, you might want to consider replacing them. Pick new lights that will go perfectly with your renovated space.

4. Air filter in place. Make sure your air filter is right where it should be. Some painters take this out while they paint and often neglect to put it back. A misplaced filter could result in problems, so make sure it’s in place.

5. Hire a post construction cleaning service. If it’s a big renovation project, then maybe it’s better if you look for post construction cleaning services. That way, the cleaning can proceed safely and right on schedule. If you don’t have enough time to properly clean, asking around for post construction cleaning services in McKinney should be next on your list. By letting professionals deal with the cleanup, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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