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Dodge Bearings – Providing Durable Options for All Mounted Bearing Needs

Dodge Bearings – Providing Durable Options for All Mounted Bearing Needs

Bearings are a crucial component when it comes to handling machine operation, due to their sealing and durable capabilities. When looking for quality and reliability, companies can rely on Dodge bearings. Louisiana industries can benefit from these bearings due to their durability and wide selection, suited to fit any unique need. Equipment operation in any industry needs to be reliable and safe, so choosing the best quality bearing is of the upmost importance when buying machine components.

The Right Bearings to Get the Job Done
Dodge bearings offer an assortment of bearings that can be used to suit the needs of various machines. In addition to their selection of rotating equipment components, they also carry a vast selection of mounted bearings. Their selection of mounted bearings includes:

* Ball bearings
* Tapered roller bearings
* Spherical roller bearings
* Plain bearings

Mounted roller bearings are designed according to maximum normal and thrust loading, maximum speed, durability, and sealing capabilities. Other factors include, inside diameter and exact tolerances, to ensure the bearing is designed with reliability and performance in mind.

Tapered roller bearings are designed in a variety of sizes and out of a wide range of materials, making them a versatile option for many applications. They are engineered to manage radial loads, ones on both rotating shafts and in housings, by the taper angles of the bearing. These types of bearings consist of four main components, which include, the inner ring or cone, the outer ring or the cup, the cage, and the rollers.

Benefits of Using Mounted Bearings
Mounted Dodge bearings are designed as a ring of steel balls that are loaded into a rotating bearing cage that is mounted into a flange or pillow block housing and holds the bearings in place, making them top of the line in durability. This cage allows for both normal and axial loading and also can withstand high-speed rotations, common in the agriculture and other bulk handling industries, providing not only strength but also versatility.

The bearings are housed and protected by either metal guards, on one or both sides, or by polymer seals, keeping the bearing safe from damage and allowing it to function properly. With reliable mounts and sturdy shielding, these bearings are held in place securely and can be relied on to provide exceptional performance in any industry.

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