A Breakdown of a Free Cell Phone and Plan Available in Vermont

There are free cell phone providers in Vermont. The government put together this service for qualifying people. Political leaders and cell phone servicers work together to help lower-income families and individuals stay connected to the world.


To receive a free phone, applicants must meet income levels, but people can also get a smartphone if they are already enrolled in one or more assistance programs. Some of these qualifying programs are educational, such as Head Start, and nutritional, such as SNAP or food stamps. Native Americans who are in temporary assistance or food distribution networks may be eligible as well. Veterans or their survivors may meet some of the government standards too.


In addition to a smartphone, the government provides a data plan. The plan covers unlimited text messaging, talk, and internet access. Users can call anywhere in the nation, and they can send text messages and photos. Some extras that are included in the bundle are caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.

Phone Number

If you want, you can keep your existing phone number, and if you already have a smartphone, you can use it too. The provider can help you transfer your number over to the new phone or the plan to your existing device.


Having access to the internet is a must in today’s mobile world, and this is also linked to the government program. Through the plan, people can do all the things they would normally do with the internet. It allows them to download apps, play games, and use social media. For more information on free cell phone providers in Vermont, contact Infiniti Mobile at https://infinitimobile.com/.

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