Benefits of Electrical Service Upgrade From Electrician in Newnan, GA

It is common for homes and commercial properties to have electrical issues, such as broken outlets and hot light plugs. While it’s possible to get these issues resolved individually, these issues indicate the electrical panel is outdated. For this reason, it is better to hire an Electrician In Newnan, GA, to get the electrical system upgraded and new lighting installation completed.

Improved Safety

Older properties have outdated wiring, which is usually made from aluminum or tube systems. These systems are not sufficient for modern home appliances. Operating electrical appliances hooked up to outdated wiring increases the risk of causing an electrical fire. Having said that, a service upgrade will help update the electrical systems with new copper wiring and replace the outdated fuses with advanced breakers, which helps improve electrical safety.

Higher Circuit Capacity

The majority of old systems were designed with 50 amps to 100 amps of power allowance, which doesn’t settle well with the modern gadgets and appliances. This is because the new equipment and appliances require more power, or else the breakers will keep tripping. For this reason, a service upgrade will increase the circuit capacity to over 200 amps, which helps operate different devices and appliances without any safety issues.

Better Resale Value

A property with outdated and insufficient electrical panels won’t get you the right selling price as it’s easy to detect in the home inspection. An outdated electrical system not only reduces the initial offer but can also ward off potential clients. On the other hand, if you hire an electrician in Newnan, GA, for the electrical upgrade, it will significantly improve the property’s value since the property will be well-maintained and up to code.

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