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A Guide to Importing wholesale purses

If you want to make a profit, there are a few ways you could go about doing it. One of the most popular methods is, of course, to purchase something at a low price and resell it for a higher price. This allows you to take advantage of the rules of supply and demand: If you have something that’s in demand and you can supply it, you’ll make a profit. Importing and selling wholesale purses is an example of the rule in action. Purses are always in demand—why not start supplying them?

Why Import?

Many people don’t consider importing because they believe it to be a complicated process. Fortunately, it isn’t! If you’re willing to do your research, there’s no reason you won’t be able to sell wholesale purses with great success.

How Do I Get Started?

First, familiarize yourself with trends. Trends are what sell, and purses tend to follow every trend around. If you know of a certain trend that’s currently in style, such as faux fur or leather, you can import that particular kind of purse to sell in your online store.

Start Your Research

You’ve already researched trends. Now, you need to start doing the necessary research for your product. Where will you get it? This is perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself. Search for excellent Chinese suppliers online and contact the ones that seem genuine. If they respond to you, ask for a sample product. They should be more than willing to send one your way. With the right know-how, you’ll be able to spot the frauds in no time.

Avoid Designer Items

When importing wholesale purses, be careful about companies claiming their products are “designer” items. These items are almost certainly fake (although they’re almost always made well and look convincing). Regardless of how authentic they may seem, you can’t trust them. You definitely don’t want customers to find out that you’ve been selling fake designer purses.

Fill Out the Right Paperwork

There are a few requirements you must first meet before you will be allowed to import goods into the United States. You will need a business tax number, which you will receive from the IRS. You will need this number because it doubles as your “importer number,” which you’ll need for Customs paperwork.

Dealing with Customs paperwork isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’ll need to fill out a few documents that will deem your products safe and ready for importation. Know that your items might be examined by Customs before they are sent to you. Remember—the more coherent and detailed your paperwork, the faster your order will be cleared by customs.

Familiarize Yourself with Tariffs

Tariffs are essentially taxes on imports or exports. The tariff regulation varies per country, so make sure you do the proper research on tariff rules.

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