Adding point-of-sale software to your auto repair shop

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Business

Give your vehicle repair shop and auto technicians an edge when it comes to providing the best customer service around by using repair point-of-sale (POS) software. Not only does this software help with a variety of common tasks around the shop such as annual inspection, individual repair estimation, complete work invoicing, repair scheduling, service history and integrated customer tools but it can also help prevent accidental overbooking and maintain accounting invoices through QuickBooks or other financial aid programs you may use. You can easily keep track of the finer points of your business including keeping track of sales figures and employee productivity, as well as your garage’s overall cash flow.

Keeping vehicles in good repair

As a licensed driver, you know it is important to keep your car or truck in good condition both inside and out. It not only keeps you safe, but can help keep other drivers and pedestrians safe as well. When your vehicle needs repairs or general maintenance, it’s the garage’s job to get those repairs done right the first time and to act in a professional and organized manner. By using custom tailored computer software, garages can keep track of each individual vehicle’s history and past repairs to keep an eye on its condition as time goes by. It may someday be useful to know how many times a specific car has had trouble with its brakes or carburetor, and by keeping your POS software up to date and current you can quickly and easily manage any problems as they arise; or take measures to prevent those issues.

Managing your shop’s cash flow

Keeping your garage in good financial order is one of the keys to longevity in the business, as is keeping your customers happy and doing your job well. With a custom point of sale software using QuickBooks or another accounting program installed on your computer, you not only keep track of your outgoing expenses on parts and employee labor costs but you can track income and revenue gains on any time scale you find most convenient. Stay organized and efficient to keep yourself ahead of your competition while still bringing in customers and a suitable profit. Point of sale software can help keep your auto repair business or any other business for that matter, thriving and growing by helping streamline data entry and track your company analytics.

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