Always Have Hot Water on Tap With Quality Water Heater Repair in Seattle

A water heater can fail for various reasons and the problem often depends on the kind of unit in use. For instance, an electric system that stores water in a tank can fail when one or more of the elements break or the thermostat goes out. Gas burning systems often fail when the metering unit wears down, but they can also have problems heating properly when too much scale builds up in the tank. Scale is caused by hard water. This results in lime and other minerals gathering at the base of the tank and preventing heat distribution. Water Heater Repair in Seattle can help by analyzing the unit, testing the various components, replacing any faulty parts and flushing the scale out of the tank.One area of concern with the storage based water heater is too much pressure inside the system. Tanks are designed with a pressure relief valve and this valve should be checked periodically. Pressure in the tank is caused by excessive heating and can occur when the thermostat fails or the appliance cannot shut off. In the case of the electric model, there is a chance that a short can occur with the element that creates a continuous, low-voltage circuit. This results in a constantly heating unit because the circuit bypasses the thermostat. There is another safety feature in the system that breaks the flow of power when this occurs, but there is a chance it may fail as well. Letting an expert test the appliance on an annual basis may prevent these issues.Not all water heaters are repairable. In fact, some Water Heater Repair in Seattle will require replacing the system. One example is a tank that has corroded and developed leaks or the fittings have eroded and cannot be repaired. This is the time to consider the alternatives. Options include tank based systems with liners for better durability and tankless models that avoid water storage. The two most common types of liners are glass and cement. Cement tends to be the better choice because it provides improved coverage around seams and fittings. Tankless or inline systems are capable of supplying a whole home or individual rooms based on the size of the appliance.

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