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What Is the Purpose of a Rooter?

A rooter can come in very handy when dealing with your drains and plumbing, but not many people know how to operate one. Using a rooter requires a professional, but it is still nice to understand what that professional is doing to your plumbing. Here’s what’s going to happen when you hire rooter services in Los Angeles.

What Is a Rooter?

A rooter is a device that snakes through pipes and removes debris and constrictions, specifically roots, to prevent drains from clogging. It began as just this one device, which was originally thrown together out of spare parts, but now the term rooting service refers to general pipe cleaning and sometimes repair. It can involve many different tools and methods for clearing blockages, including plumber’s snakes, chemicals, and high water pressure.

When Do You Need Rooting Services?

Generally, you need rooting services if you have a severe blockage in one or more of your pipes. One of the common reasons to acquire rooting services is if you are experiencing a clog in your sewer system, as this can quickly escalate to a severe issue. The advantage of rooting over other methods is that it does not require you to dig up your whole front yard. Often times, to deal with pipe repair means extensive disruption to your landscaping and general unsightliness. Rooting minimizes these difficulties, allowing you to fix the issue without a large disruption to your life and home.

How Long Does It Take?

How long the process takes depends on how severe your clog is. Even the company you hire may not be able to give you an exact estimate right away, because they will likely send in a clearing tool, but there is a chance it will not work. If this is the case, then they have to send in a camera to try to find the problem, which may take longer.

If you have an extensive drain clog, then you probably need rooter services in Los Angeles. Getting them as soon as a problem becomes apparent prevents it from escalating, and will keep cost and time down.

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