An Arizona Car Accident Chiropractor Provides Holistic, Complementary Care

Men and women who have a good professional relationship with a primary care physician may feel hesitant to pursue alternative treatment for medical issues. Neck or back pain after a vehicle collision is an example. Searching online for a car accident chiropractor near me and scheduling an appointment is a reasonable choice in this situation.

Torque Release Technique

A person dealing with whiplash might worry about the vigorous spinal adjustments commonly associated with chiropractic therapy. This individual may want to search for a car accident chiropractor near me who uses a newer method known as the torque release technique. This neurologically based method allows a chiropractor to correct misalignments in the spine in a gentler and more precise manner.

Holistic Care

Since chiropractors are holistic practitioners, the patient might receive guidance about nutrition, posture and exercise for healing. This could be a place to turn to for help with weight loss, as being overweight is often connected with back strain.


Certain exercises should be avoided by people with acute or chronic back pain. They will be encouraged to do some walking and other mild to moderate physical activity. Posture while standing, sitting and sleeping can have significant effects on neck and back pain as well.

Complementary Care

To feel more comfortable about including chiropractic therapy with conventional medical care, the patient might consider it as complementary rather than alternative. Chiropractic treatments commonly are used along with traditional care, as many patients find this to be a very effective strategy. They appreciate being able to obtain benefits from both.

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