Excavator Rental in Newnan, GA, to Start Reworking a Problem Driveway

When residential property owners become increasingly frustrated with rainwater trailing down the driveway and into the garage, replacing the driveway could be the best solution. The pavement must be broken up and removed, and the land reworked so the water problem is eliminated. Excavator rental in Newnan GA, is available for homeowners who prefer to tackle this as a do-it-yourself project.

Pavement Solutions

If the surface is relatively flat, the pavement may have settled and developed a downward slope. Some driveways have to slope in that direction because the garage is located down a hill. The new pavement can have a slight rise built in the middle that allows rainwater to drain to each side. This is constructed with the soil and gravel before installing the pavement.

Including Grass

Another solution in a downward slope is a horizontal grassy area or two between pavement slabs. A related option is the old-fashioned ribbon driveway with a strip of grass in the middle of the entire structure. Many ideas for these combinations of grass and pavement can be found online.

Choosing the Material

After work with an excavator rental is complete, the property owners can proceed with the paving part of the project. They have the chance to switch from asphalt to concrete or vice versa. If they plan on including grass, it’s important to consider the need for maintenance. An elaborate block design with numerous small grassy spots can quickly become an annoyance.

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