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Benefits of Financing Your Air Conditioner

Why are financing and loans so popular in the world today? It is because it makes it easier for people to acquire property or do big things without having to pay the entire cost upfront. In business, for example, banks and financial institutions fight for opportunities to offer the loans. Imagine how the world would be if there were no mortgages, credit cards and car leases; it is unimaginable.

The major reason why some people are stuck with old malfunctioning HVAC units is because of the cost involved in buying and installing a new unit. HVAC contractors can benefit greatly from offering air conditioning financing to their customers just like banks and other financial institutions benefit from offering mortgages. Here are four ways contractors can benefit from offering financing options:

*Avoid sticker shock – Some customers are unaware of the cost of heating and cooling systems. When they realize it, they choose to procrastinate purchasing a new air conditioner because of the cost implication. Imagine if you provided financing options to customers who need the units but cannot afford the whole amount upfront. The monthly repayments are less compared to looking for the whole amount needed to purchase the equipment.

*Enhance growth – To beat competition in the industry, do things differently. As a contractor, offering financing for the units places you ahead of your competitors who only sell the units. Your shop qualifies to be called a one-stop-shop.

*Increase profits – The more people you finance to buy the units, the higher your sales—which translates to more profits.

*Better customer service – Customers like to know that you are taking measures to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied. Providing financing shows care and concern for the customer.

Air conditioning financing companies can use financing as a way to attract customers. Would you like to offer air conditioning financing to your customers? Contact the experts at Microf today. We have been providing finance solutions for people for years, and look forward to meeting up with you to discuss your options.

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