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Keep Maintenance Under Control With a Local Handyman in University Place, WA

Keep Maintenance Under Control With a Local Handyman in University Place, WA

Hiring a Local Handyman in University Place WA makes it possible to keep control of all regular maintenance. This helps to avoid the cost of repairing unnecessary damage and prevents accidents due to a poorly maintained property. It also keeps everything looking its best. One of the most important exterior maintenance tasks is caring for painted surfaces. Paint is not just a decorative feature but provides a protective shield for wood. Bubbled, faded or peeling paint is no longer providing protection and a number of problems can eventually occur if it is not corrected.

  • Untreated wood can absorb rain and warp or swell and cause nails or screws to loosen or fall out and leave the boards unsecured and uneven.
  • Mold, mildew and algae can grow in wet areas that do not receive adequate sunlight. Removing these unsightly problems completely from bare wood is difficult and the wood may remain stained even after cleaning.
  • If the wood remains wet for too long, it can begin to rot and decay and can make the building unsafe.
  • Decayed wood is enticing to carpenter ants that love to burrow through boards and beams and create additional damage.
  • Paint also protects wood from the UV rays of the sun. Without this protection, the sunshine can dry out the wood and cause it to split and crack.

Weekly, monthly or even seasonal visits from a Local Handyman in University Place WA can prevent this type of damage from reducing the value of a home or business. These services help to prevent a number of problems caused by poor maintenance in addition to keeping all of the paint complete and protecting the structure the way it should. The extent of the services that are needed will depend on its current condition, how the building is used and the elements it is exposed to every day. Establishing a maintenance schedule is easy with the help of a skilled service that understands the type of projects that help to protect property. Contact Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. to learn more about the interior and exterior services that are available to help keep every property looking its best.

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