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Benefits of Utility Management Services for Landlords

If you rent properties for a living, it can be a full-time job. Even if you have a good apartment building manager, there are still many aspects of your business to tend to. You can lighten the load on you and your manager and run a more efficient business when you opt for professional utility management services. Here are some of the many benefits you can receive.

Water Meter Installations

Have you thought about placing individual water meters for each unit? This can make it easier on your business. For example, with individual meters, each renter can be responsible for his or her own water usage and payments. This can help to lower your costs a great deal. In fact, as water services continue to rise in costs, it will save you even more money over the years.

Trusted utility management services offer professional meter installations. They will install high quality meters for each apartment. In addition, with modern smart technology, there is no need for water company personnel to come to your buildings to take meter readings. This can all be done automatically and from a distance.


You can enjoy the benefits of billing service from your water management company. Residents are billed directly. They can go online to pay their bills and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Data Management

Utility management can also include data management. For example, they take care of the meter readings and forward the information and payments to the water company. You can also access daily reports on water usage. This lets you know if one tenant is using a great deal of water and when there are leaks in your system.

Data management also includes problem solving services. You have the benefits of experienced customer service personnel to assist you. Many companies offer around the clock services, so there is no waiting until normal business hours.

Water Treatment

Today many people are concerned about the quality of the water they consume as not all municipalities have the best drinking water available. In fact, in some areas, water may have odd smells or tastes. It could even have a murky or cloudy appearance at times. Your professional utility management services offer water treatment options. This includes water testing and assessments on a regular schedule. It ensures your tenants have the highest quality water and when necessary, treatment methods can be applied to improve water quality.

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