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Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor

Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor

Accidents happen, and many occur due to another party’s negligence. When someone is hurt because of another person’s behavior, a personal injury lawyer can provide valuable assistance. Every lawyer has a unique methodology and style, and every attorney has a different history. It is important for clients to know what to avoid when searching for a lawyer, and it is equally vital to know what to look for. Below are several qualities found in a reliable personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor.

Good Communication

Communication is a critical component of a successful attorney/client relationship. Lawyers should communicate through email, phone and text messaging as the client requires. It is important for clients to choose an attorney whose communication style matches their own, and it is vital for the lawyer to quickly return messages and calls.


While communication is an integral part of a successful relationship, cost is a more immediate concern for many. Clients should ask about the attorney’s billing methods and fees. Do they charge a flat fee, or an hourly rate? Personal injury cases can be long and complex, and clients should avoid lawyers who charge by the hour. Skilled injury attorneys can use their experience to estimate the total cost, and most are willing to take cases on a contingency fee basis. Here, the client does not pay the attorney until the case settles.

Case History

Choosing a lawyer starts with finding one who is suited to the case. During the preliminary meeting, after discussing cost and communication styles, clients should ask the attorney what type of cases they normally handle. The personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor should handle cases similar to the clients, but they should have a light enough caseload so they can devote personal attention to each client’s case.

What to Avoid

While looking for an injury lawyer, clients should avoid certain aspects. Not only should an attorney have experience with similar cases, but they should also have a history of success. Past victories are a reliable indicator that the attorney has the skills to take on a client’s case. However, the following factors should be avoided:

  • Unnecessary hourly fees
  • Little experience with similar cases
  • Fraudulent lawyers with no legal credentials

When a client finds the right injury lawyer, they should schedule an interview to learn more about the firm. With the right information, clients who Meet Anthony Otto will know they have made the right choice.

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