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Best Wedding Marquees for Your Special Day

Best Wedding Marquees for Your Special Day

Selecting the right wedding marquee is not always an easy decision. After all, you want to be able to ‘wow’ your guests with the setup, while keeping in mind the practical considerations that are essential for making this decision. Some tips that will help you find the right option for your big day are highlighted here.

Size Matters

If you are choosing your venue, you need to remember that size definitely matters. Even when you are completely love a specific marquee, you should not rent it unless it is able to accommodate all of the guests you are planning to invite. You don’t want to have to cram people in the space. You also don’t want to select a marquee that is too large, since this is just going to take up more of your budget for absolutely no reason.

Keep in mind that you not only need space for your guests, but also service areas for food, dance floors and servers.

Modern or Traditional?

You should also consider if you would like a more modern design for your marquee or a more traditional look. If you are searching for a modern look, then you should go for marquees with frames. These tents are typically rectangular and will not have any inside poles or ropes providing support. Instead, these are the tents that have a frame made of aluminium.

Since they will not require any edge room, they are ideal for smaller areas. They are also able to be placed on virtually any type of surface, including concrete and sand while withstanding high wind speeds, making them ideal for weddings.

However, if you prefer the look of a traditional marquee, then the curved tops and the inner poles are just your style. These offer a timeless type of elegance for your event. An an additional bonus, you can decorate all of the inner poles in order to provide more visual impact to the space.

Your Décor

When decorating for a wedding, there is no question that the “devil is definitely in the details.” It is not just enough to select the right style and size of marquee. You need to ensure that you decorate the inside so that it looks amazing.

One of the best ways to help your marquee appear luxurious is to use linings. These can provide a large amount of impact, especially if you choose ones with prints.


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