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Tips For Finding A Good Disability Lawyer In Florida

It is not mandatory that an applicant for disability uses a lawyer to help with his or her specific case; however, statistics show that those who do use a disability lawyer in Florida to help with their claim have a far better chance of having the application approved. This is true at the initial application stage and even more so if the application is denied and goes to the appeal level. If you make the decision to hire a disability lawyer there are a few things that you should bear in mind as you go through the selection process.

Professional and courteous: As you will be spending considerable time with the lawyer and his or her staff pay particular attention to the way you are treated. Law firms that deal with disability cases are busy places but this should not have any negative impact on your being welcomed to ask questions and receive call-backs if the lawyer handling your case is busy.

Access to the lawyer: Don’t be disappointed or surprised if you cannot speak to your lawyer every time you call the office. A popular disability lawyer in Florida spends a considerable amount of time attending hearings with the Social Security Administration and as result they rely heavily on well chosen, professional staff to answer questions on their behalf.

Promises of results: It is both unethical and unfair for a lawyer to guarantee positive results. Instead, what you can expect from a good disability lawyer is an honest assessment on the outcome of your application once all the facts are known.

Success rates: A good disability lawyer will not even suggest that your case will be approved; however, it stands to reason that if the firm is good it will have established an excellent track record of getting approvals for their clients, ask the lawyer during your consultation:

* Their overall rate of approval?
* The win rate if the case goes to a hearing?
* How often do they win full benefits for their clients?

Credentials: It is not a necessity that your representative in a disability case is a practicing lawyer, anyone can actually represent you. A good lawyer however, focuses his or her practice on disability cases and as result knows all the rules, regulations and laws that pertains to Social Security law. Ask your candidate how many years of practice they have and their case load.

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