Bowling Green, KY Access Control: 5 Key Benefits

Are you looking into access control for your facility in Bowling Green, KY but not sure about all the benefits?

All business owners strive to keep their assets and employees safe and secure. Access control offers many benefits over locks and keys, but if you have not worked with access control in the past, it might seem like a luxury rather than a necessity.

Below are some of the reasons why more and more businesses are upgrading to access control in Bowling Green, KY.

1. No Keys

If you use keys for your business, you risk the danger of them being copied if they are lost. Once a copy of your physical key is out there in the hands of the wrong person, you should change all associated locks immediately. The costs for this add up, both in money and time.

With access entry, there’s no changing of locks and no issuing new keys to existing employee. You simply deactivate the lost card or key fob and your business is back to being safe and secure.

2. Only Allow Access During Certain Times

Once someone has a key to your warehouse door, they can get in whenever they want. But you might not want your 1st shift warehouse employees to have access to the warehouse in the middle of the night, when they are not on the clock.

Access control lets you assign shifts to individual key cards or key fobs so your employees only access certain areas when you want them to have access.

3. Schedule Doors to Automatically Lock and Unlock

Your business opens to customers at 8am? No problem. With access control in Bowling Green, KY, you can schedule your front entrance to automatically unlock at 8am… and it can automatically lock again at 6pm when it is closing time.

Or maybe you want your office to open to all employees during the day but only be accessible to certain people after normal business hours. Not a problem. You can schedule the office doors to freely unlock during business hours and require a key fob after hours.

Whatever your schedule, Sonitrol can customize a setup that will work for your facility.

4. Manage Your Employees Better with Up-To-The-Minute Reporting

Not only does access control help you limit where employees can go, you can also use it to keep track of where employees have been. You might want to know what time a specific employee has been going to the break room or when they come back in from their smoke break.

If something bad happened in the server room, it might be helpful to know who the last three IT people were who accessed that room.

You might not use reporting every day, but it can certainly come in handy in crucial moments.

Or if you do want to view specific reports on a regular interval, Sonitrol can automatically email you this, for instance, every Monday at 9am.

5. Versatile credential options

With a traditional lock and key setup, you really only have the one option to get in: keys.

With Sonitrol’s access control in Bowling Green, KY, you get options.

  • Standard key fobs: These round tags attach to your key ring. Most of our customer choose this option as it’s the closest to a physical key.
  • Key badges or cards: This allows you to print employee information on them, allowing them to serve double function. These can be worn around the neck with a lanyard, attached to uniforms with a clip, or just kept in a wallet or purse.
  • Patches cell phones: These thin, round circles come with adhesive on the back and stick to the back of a cell phone or case. We find that some people might forget their keys, but everyone keeps their phone on them.

Sonitrol’s moduler solutions are robust enough for enterprise, multi-site locations like schools, church campuses, and businesses yet affordable enough even if you are just getting started with access control.

We offer shared management that gives you as much autonomy as you like or we can make all the programming changes for you, just send us an email.

Sonitrol’s flexibility with our solutions, our reputation for excellence in the industry, and our commitment to service are why we are the only real choice for access control in Bowling Green, KY.

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