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Important Information on Sewage Cleanup in Apopka FL

Important Information on Sewage Cleanup in Apopka FL

When sewage invades your home, it can leave behind much more than a big mess. Raw sewage contains solids and liquids that are full of bacteria. These can pose a great danger to your health and need to be cleaned up immediately. It is important you seek professional services for sewage cleanup in Apopka FL. This will ensure your home is properly treated so the sewage is no longer putting your family in danger. When the professionals come out to your home for sewage cleanup in Apopka FL, they will be focused on completing the following tasks:

1. Containment of the raw sewage

2. Removal of all of the sewage material from your home

3. Decontaminating and disinfecting all of the surfaces in your home

4. The removal and disposal of all porous materials exposed to sewage

5. Drying out your home so it is not in danger of mold and mildew growth

There are three types of sewage mitigation your home may need, depending on the type of sewage leak you experienced. Each of these is handled in a different way so your home can be properly treated.

1. Category One is a clean water sewage spill. This water is considered a clean water spill, though there may be some bacteria around the bathrooms that were effected. Once the water has been removed, the area will be treated and disinfected. If the water is cleaned up quickly, your home should not be majorly damaged.

2. Category Two is considered gray water. This is any type of water spill that contains contaminants. The area will be thoroughly dried and treated so any bacteria levels can be kept under control.

3. Category Three is a black water spill. Black water spills should be considered dangerous and need to be cleaned up right away. They can include urine, solids, organic material and pathogens. Any porous materials exposed to this water will need to be removed immediately so cleanup can be fully carried out.

If you are in need of sewage mitigation, visit They will work to clear your home of the sewage leak so your home is safe for you and your family.

Contact them right away for more information.

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