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Branded Hand Sanitizer for Your Business

When you think of marketing branded hand sanitizer may not be the first thing you think of but it could work out really great for your business. Hand sanitizer is used by so many people now to keep germs at bay when they cannot get to a sink to wash their hands. It can be a really welcome find for customers and clients in a full range of settings.  They are a great option in:

  *  Retail settings
  *  Restaurants
  *  Gyms

Consumers are inundated with the ways they can catch a cold or flu so they have become hyper aware of things like changing rooms in boutiques and the potential for picking up a germ. Having your own hand sanitizer available can really elevate the perception of your shop. Of course putting a basket by the register and selling them after you have offered some for free in the changing room isn’t a bad idea either. Any establishment that has a restroom can have their own brand of sanitizer nearby.  Restaurants, bars and other establishments where people gather should also consider this great promo item.

Daycares, schools and other areas where children frequent could also provide these hand cleaning options.

Gyms can also have their own brand hanging around for use before and after getting on the machines.

Show Them You Care

One of the best things about having your own hand sanitizer around is that it shows your clients/customers that you are worried about the same things that they are. It shows that you care enough about their wellness to offer your very own (label and all) sanitizer.  This is especially important if your business is a place where people frequently gather like a gym, educational or gathering point.

Beyond showing your customers and clients that you care it can actually keep down the spread of germs so that everyone can stay healthy and keep patronizing your business.

Non Profits

This option would be perfect for nonprofits that work with animals or in areas where communicable disease can be an issue. It is a necessity that can also provide information about the nonprofit. It is an inexpensive way to share information and provide an important service.

You may not have thought about it being an option when you were knocking around marketing ideas but it is a really good option that you can take advantage of.

DK Specialties can provide you with your own branded hand sanitizer. It is a unique, inexpensive option that is the perfect idea for any business! Contact DK Specialties today!

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