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Tricare Free Breast Pump-Tricare Will Pay for Your Breast Pump

If you have Tricare health insurance, you are eligible for a tricare free breast pump! Tricare health insurance is the health coverage provided to service members, retirees, family members and their dependents.  Tricare will cover the cost of a breast pump. All you need is a prescription from your doctor or pediatrician and to submit the form.  It is a great benefit that every mother should take advantage of. Breast pumps are a great way to enhance your breast feeding. You cannot always be with baby during feeding times whether you work outside the home or have social plans it is important that you can pump when you are going to be away. Stockpiling breast milk is always a good idea so you are covered in case:

*You get ill
*You have to travel without baby
*You have social engagements
*You have work commitments
*Just to have an ample supply

A lot of mother’s pump just so that dad can bond with baby over feedings.  There is a belief that is largely a myth that if baby goes from nipple to bottle they may decide that they prefer bottle and not go back to the breast nipple.  Babies are resilient and will take what they can get. Pumping and storing breast milk is not only recommended it is necessary.  There will be times when you just cannot be with baby and there will be times when you are not feeling well and you do not want to feed the baby if you have a fever.  Dad should be able to take over some of the feeding responsibilities too!

The Cost
Frankly breast pumps can be an expensive investment but luckily when you shop at the right store they will gladly file your Tricare insurance forms for you so you really do not have to do nothing more than place the order.  Not having to pay out of pocket for a high quality breast pump is a great way to save on costs of getting ready for baby and frees up some of the funds for other things like baby gear and diapers. If you have Tricare, then you qualify for a free breast pump. Don’t pay for a pump when you can get one for free. Ask your doctor about a prescription for a breast pump and let your insurance handle the costs.

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