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Brewery Equipment: Building Your Brewhouse

Brewery Equipment: Building Your Brewhouse

If you are planning to start your own brewery, you need to have talent, a strong financial base, a strategy and accompanying plan, determination and the right brewery equipment Setting up a brewery is, in this sense, is no different from many other start-ups. The overall approach is the same. However, it does have its own set of tools beginning with the Brewhouse.

What Is a Brewhouse?

Contrary to its name, the term “brewhouse” does not refer to a physical structure. Instead, it indicates the brewing system. This is the usual reference and includes such basic components (vessels) as:

* Bright Tanks
* Fermenters
* Mash or Lauter Tun
* Brew Kettles
* Wort Chillers (Heat Exchangers)
* Whirlpools

These are all necessary for producing your craft beer. The technology will differ. They can be manual or automatic. They can also be inline systems, reducing the amount of required equipment for production and delivery. This creates subtle and/or obvious differences between brewhouses from the start.


The specific equipment is not the only difference. While all brewhouses are similar based on their vessels, they differ according to other factors. Customization is the operative word when structuring and organizing your brewhouse. What you choose will depend upon three major factors:

1. Production needs – What does your brewery need to get production going?

2. Physical size of your craft brewery – How large are your premises? Is this set-in-stone? Is the building a specific shape that can influence your positioning of the equipment?

3. The intended scale of the operation – How much do you intend to produce?

A small home operation requires different brewery equipment than a small scale craft brewery does. The same applies to a growing brewery. As a result, when choosing the right equipment, it is important to consider those three factors. A reputable firm will work with you to produce a brewhouse that meets your needs in every sense. This also includes helping you to understand the need for future compatibility. You will need to carefully consider this option if you plan to expand in the future.

Brewery Equipment

According to the latest forecasts, the craft brewing industry can only grow. This does not mean you can become successful merely by opening up a brewery. A great deal of thought, preparation and work goes into the process of producing the perfect brew – one that consumers want. While it is now easier to break into the industry, you have to remember one thing. Talent, creativity and skill are not everything. It may never reach its full potential if you do not begin with the right brewery equipment.

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