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How To Use The E-Cigarette Drip Tips

What are drip tips? Tips are an alternative to use cartridges, atomizers, or cartomizers. It looks like a mouthpiece and can come in a lot of different materials and colors. Unlike any of these, the E juice is applied directly to the coil and then inhaled. It’s a convenient way to try new flavors without loading up, and devotees swear that the flavor, airflow, and clouds are far superior to any other method. While it is not as convenient as loading up tank or cartomizer, it offers an easier way to sample, mix, and test new juices. The drip tip fits directly over the atomizer coil, and no other intervention is needed.

Customize and Save Money

Admittedly, it is more complicated than other methods. You need to know when and how much juice to add so that you don’t burn your wicks, and so that you don’t add too much and overflow. Using e cig drip tips also allows you to customize your juice intake and has the potential to lower what you spend on juice each month. Drippers also consider this type of vaping to be an art form because they can do so much with the flamboyant clouds of vapors.

Beginner Tips

Getting started with drip tips is not difficult, though it does take some practice. Using a low ohm coil will give you thicker clouds when the juice is correctly applied, however flavor may take a backseat in this method. For the best clouds, and the best flavor, a 1.2 to 1.6 ohm coil is suggested. Some drippers use coils under 1.0 ohm and as low as 0.5. There are even cloud chasing competitions where vapers compete to produce massive clouds, and even “perform amazing feats with their vape clouds. It’s a fun new way to use your vape and show your creativity.

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