Bring Sparkle and Shimmer to Your Baked Treats with Luster Dust

A bit of sparkle and glitter can go a long way to make your baked treats look lovely and magical. That’s where luster dust comes in. Haven’t ever used one before? No worries. Read on so you’ll have a clear idea of how you can use it the next time you whip up orders in your kitchen.

What is it?

Luster dust is tasteless edible powder. It’s used to decorate candies, cakes, cookies or just about any food or dish you want to add a bit of sparkle too. You could even try it on drinks. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic, the Leaf says, so applying a bit of shimmer and color to your baked treats is safe.

How to prepare it?

Don’t tap it over your cupcake, thinking that will do the trick. You’ll need to prepare the dust first. Tap a small bit into a bowl. Then add a drop of lemon and mix it to create a sort of paint. You can also use vanilla extract or vodka in place of lemon juice or any alcohol-based liquid to do the trick. Luster dust won’t work with water so don’t use that. If you have dry luster, though, then you won’t need to prepare the dust.

How to use it?

Use it to decorate the buttercream frosting on your cupcakes, the fondant on your cakes or just to put a bit of shimmer and glitter into your cookies. Make your cookies sparkle by applying the dry form of this dust onto the chocolates for the cookies with a brush. You can also use an airbrush to apply the dust. But the results are going to depend a lot on your skill level so make sure you’re competent at this before you use it to design your baked sweets.

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