Buying Carpet For Your Home

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Carpets And Rugs

Buying the correct carpet for a room in your home involves a great deal more than simply choosing based on style and color. Your lifestyle has a great deal to do with which carpet is most suited; what takes place in the room? Is it the master bedroom or is the family room?


There are numerous variables that will lead you towards the right carpet in Downers Grove. It is extremely important that you consider what the room is used for? Is the room positioned in such a way that it is bathed in sunlight? What is the traffic pattern? How frequently will it be vacuumed? The answers you give to these types of questions will guide you towards the best fiber, texture, color and construction.

Carpet fiber facts:

The fiber that is used in the manufacture of the carpet is that which sets the performance standard and looks. Although there are a number of different fibers used in the manufacture carpets; three are most common.

* Wool: Wool is the ultimate in carpet fiber. Wool is all natural; wool carpets offer a variety of designs, colors and details. As long as you treat it quickly, wool has excellent stain resistance; it is also inherently fire resistant.

* Nylon: Nylon is very comparable to wool in terms of performance and feel but is somewhat less expensive. Nylon carpet has excellent soil resistance and is resilient which means the pile bounces back in high traffic areas. Nylon carpet is a favorite all-around carpet that can be used in any room.

* Polypropylene: This material is ideal for use inside as well as outside; it is water and stain resistant. The dying process is such that the colors do not fade, it is ideal in areas that get a lot of direct sunlight.

Carpet fibers are cut, looped or cut and looped. Years ago, the deeper the pile the softer the carpet was. Modern technology that is now employed in carpet manufacture ensures that all styles are equally soft and durable.

Deciding to purchase and install new carpet in your home is only the beginning; there are many decisions that must be made to ensure you get the right carpet for the right room. If you are looking for carpet in Downers Grove you are invited to visit the showroom of Best Buy Carpet and Granite.

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