Don’t Let Sewage Backup in Chesapeake VA Ruin Your Carpets

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Carpets And Rugs

If one has ever had stains on their carpet ranging from a minor drink spill all the way up to Sewage Backup in Chesapeake VA, there may be a way they can salvage their carpets, no matter how dire the situation seems. If it’s a small stain such as grape juice, or anything else that shouldn’t end up on their carpet, employ the tried and true measure of blotting the stain, then drying it and working from the outside. Repeat this method, and make sure that there is no scrubbing involved, as that will damage the carpet fibers.

For something more serious such as sewage backup in Chesapeake Va, homeowners should contact professionals. Sewage on the carpets does not necessarily mean you need new carpets, but it needs to be dealt with swiftly. The longer the sewage is able to infest the carpet lessens the chance of saving it. Visit to learn how to find a company that will give your carpet a chance at looking like new again. When serious water damage happens in the home, homeowners have to turn to experts, as the task of cleaning it on their own can be daunting. They should let experienced technicians from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification handle the job. The benefit for homeowners is they will be dealing with professionals who still value honesty and integrity, and just as important is the rigorous training these technicians go through, which includes continuing education to stay current in industry trends.

Hopefully homeowners never have to go through the awful, and unhealthy process of having to get sewage backup out of their carpets, but if they ever have other water related problems they need to act quickly and let the professionals handle it. Mold doesn’t need much time to set in, and when it does, it can cause tremendous damage. Professionals have the proper methods of treating the water damage, and more importantly of beginning the drying process with the newest and quickest methods available. These pros will also ensure that proper sanitation methods are being used, as well as deodorization. They will also see to it that walls and baseboards are treated the correct way.

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