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Call a Debt Settlement Attorney and Get Out of Debt in Three Years

Are you tied down by the shackles of mounting interest and debt. You’ve seen advertisements on television where people have everything from a large home, pool, two brand new cars and the kids go to the finest colleges. Then, the man says “Ask me how can I do this?” It’s because he’s up to his eyeballs in debt. This may have been a funny advertisement, but it is so true for millions of people. They have had excellent jobs, top of the line credit reports and so many credit cards they don’t remember which one is used for what. Family members all have the newest phones, go out to eat in the finest restaurants and buy the best clothes at the finest shops in the city.

All of a sudden the bottom drops out. The credit cards are maxed out, the bank account has nothing in it and the house and car payments are three months overdue. To top that off, it’s time to shop for presents for the holiday and how will that be explained to family and friends when they don’t receive anything. “No way out” is the sentence that keeps going through your mind. You just read an article on a website written by a Debt Settlement Attorney. He/She explains that you may not have to file bankruptcy and there are ways to work with your creditors who may settle for just 60% of your debts instead of the full amount.

If you have a decent job, your attorney can call all creditors and explain that you are willing to work with them through the course of a few years. The creditors can put your accounts on hold and stop the mounting interest. Interest is what leads to insurmountable debt. While a person is having fun using the cards and not worrying about a thing, eventually, the companies see that bills aren’t coming in on time so they watch and wait. All at once they increase the interest to almost 30% which is stated in most contracts.

One detail most people fail to realize is that ‘after the introduction,’ interest fees will be exorbitant. If the bill owed is $15,000, monthly interest alone can mount to $450 and that’s on just one card. You can see why it’s important to call a Debt Settlement Attorney immediately. Get in touch with us for more INFO!

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