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Missing Teeth? Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin, IL can Replace Them

Losing a tooth or several teeth is always upsetting. However, dental implants effectively replace teeth. An implant is a small metal cylinder that replaces the tooth root. A dental crown is then attached to it. When the process is complete the implant and crown are as strong as a natural tooth. The patient should speak with their dentist about Affordable dental Implants in South Elgin IL as soon as possible after the tooth loss. Once a jaw no longer has a tooth to support, it starts to shrink. If the patient waits too long, the jaw will be too weak to support an implant.

If that occurs, an oral surgeon will have to build up the jaw with a bone graft. It takes about two months for the bone graft to heal. The dentist will then take a detailed x-ray of the jaw to determine the exact location of adjacent tooth roots and any nerve endings in the region. It’s necessary to avoid these to have the dental implant incorporate properly into the jaw bone. The dentist places a flap of the patient’s gum over the implant to let the jaw heal. It can take two to three months for the implant to be incorporated into the jaw. During this time the dentist can provide a temporary bridge for the patient to wear. If the tooth is visible when the person smiles or talks, it will make them far less self-conscious. It will also make it easier for them to speak and eat.

When the jaw has healed, the dentist removes the flap and attaches a post to the implant. This is used to attach the dental crown to the implant. He takes an impression of the upper and lower jaw and sends it to a technician at a dental laboratory. The technician makes a porcelain crown that fits the area perfectly. He will also make sure that the color and shading matches nearby teeth. Affordable dental Implants in South Elgin IL last for decades, if the patient follows the dentist’s instructions. Patients can visit to learn more about dental implants. They can even set up an appointment to meet with a dentist.


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