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Gothic Accessories – Jewellery & the Dark Side

Gothic accessories introduce you to jewellery and the dark side of fashion for intrigue and a way to shout your rebel call. Gothic accessories are surprisingly feminine but look like they were just stolen from the coffin of Lucy Westrena.

Silver Not Gold

Gothic accessories seem to ring more true in silver over gold although a brassy look can work as well. Silver with a lot of filigree detail is very common in Gothic accessories. The darker side of Gothic accessories is often found in the motifs which can range from bats to skulls and insects such as dragon flies and scarabs. The silver works well as it is a malleable metal perfect for creating the delicate detailing of the jewellery pieces. You can also find intricate chains or layer chains of varying lengths to draw more attention to a longer or shorter central piece with an interesting medallion or pendant.

Victorian Influences

The Victorian influences are very clear in Gothic accessories. Lockets figure prominently on chains for necklaces. Fairies and dragon flies are often included if you want dark, but not too dark for the symbols on your jewellery pieces. You will also see intricate bead work on strings and elegant touches such as pearls can be combined with chains.


Chokers are a very feminine look for Gothic accessories and they often combine lace, or lace like designs using metal or bead work. A main medallion or small brooch is usually added to chokers as a focal point, but you can also find simplistic designs that consist of a simple “collared” look. Avoid punk styles in leather and spikes and instead choose black lace, layered silver chains and elegant touches such as cameo brooches in chokers for an authentic Gothic look that leans more towards the dark side.

Slave Bracelet

Definitely leaning towards the dark side of Gothic accessories, the slave bracelet combines a ring and cuff or chain around the wrist. The ring is designed to hold a series of chains across the hand. Cuffs at the wrist vary in size and intricacy. Often insects are involved in the motif of slave bracelets which can vary from bees to Egyptian influenced scarabs. Egyptian designs were common in Victorian times with the ongoing discovery of tombs and artefacts.

Gothic accessories can add a touch of darkness to your look while adding a Victorian sense of femininity that invites a closer look.


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